Soupe à l’Oignon (V broth, locb)               9.75

French Onion Soup , Swiss au Gratin. *GF Option for Bread, ask your waiter!

  Salade de Saison (V, GF, locb)                8.50

Red Leaf or Green Leaf , Endive, Pistachio, Tomato, Sliced Apple, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Lemon Dressing

 Tian Provencal (V, GF, locb)                8.75

Corn Tortilla With Mashed Eggplant, Dressed up With Zucchini, Plum Tomato, Tiny Diced Peppers, Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Sautéed Brussels Sprout (V, GF, locb)               11.75

With Balsamic Glazed Strawberries

Rillettes de Canard (GF,locb)                  10.75

Hand Made, Served w/ Cornichons, Dijon Mustard, Salt & GF “Biscuit” Éclair. Genuinely 100% Duck ! Priced for Discovery ! Hand made and not processed (can contain bits of bones): Erare Humanum Es!

Beet Carpaccio Salad (V, GF, 0cb)                 9.75

Oven Roasted Fresh With Infused Red Wine Raisins, Almonds & Fresh Shredded Horseradish

 Moules Casino (GF) (locb)   (1/2 Dz)                 10.75

Baked Big Wild Rhode Island Mussels Stuffed with Gluten Free Bread Crumbs, Red Pepper Butter, Shallots, Bacon Bits Garlic and Parsley.

 Royan’s Ravioles a la Crème (mcb)                  13.75

Fresh Little French Raviolis Stuffed With Comte Cheese ,Garlic, Parsley, Cooked With Heavy Cream, served in a Cast Iron Cocotte… Sensual!


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